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Goal: 25% at each grade level (9-12) in Spanish! As classes are not as grade level specific at the high school level, more vertical movement is allowed which will allow for more choice in the immersion classes offered.

At each grade level, Spanish Language Arts in the form of Native Spanish Classes and AP Spanish Classes will be offered. In 9th grade, World Geography will be offered to TWBI students in Spanish. Also, in 10th grade, students will take World History in Spanish. Lastly, STHS is working to create a plethora of electives to be taught in Spanish for our bi-literate students. Electives could include topics like Latin American History and Culture & Translation and Interpretation. These electives will be 100% in Spanish..with emphasis on reading, writing and speaking skills.

By 12th grade, students who have successfully completed 25% of their coursework in these TWBI classes, will receive their bi-literacy certificate to supplement their high school diploma.

For more information, please contact Karen Goldberg at kgoldberg@ltusd.org.


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