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Information on Staffing
All Two-Way Bilingual Immersion instructors are credentialed bilingual (BCLAD) teachers with native-like fluency in Spanish. Resource teachers and instructional aides also provide support.

All teachers attend yearly bilingual and two way immersion conferences specifically geared to assist second-language instructors. These conferences give our teachers the opportunity to learn about the latest research on brain development and second-language acquisition techniques. Teachers also have a chance to look at the most recent resources available for second-language learners.

Parent Participation
Parent involvement is an integral part of any Two Way Immersion program because these programs are not only part of schools, they are also part of a bilingual community! Parents are encouraged to reach across cultural lines and really get to know the families in our program. Setting up playdates can be intimidating when parents don't speak the same language, but the teachers are there to help. Also, this attached script might be a good jumping off point for parents. TRY IT!

Bijou Parents are required to volunteer in the classroom and at the school (a minimum of 40 hours per year). Click here to see our volunteer model that we have created. We are now organized into 15 committees to do as much as possible for our children and Bijou Community School. As a TWI parent, you choose which committee to volunteer with to make a difference for our students!

Parents also are encouraged to work with their children on language skills at home. The homework is always a reinforcement of the material covered in class, and instructions are sent home in both languages.

Meetings are held to help parents become knowledgeable about the second language acquisition process, and to teach them how to support a child’s second language abilities as they increase.

Websites to help Parents and Students at Home
Spanish-English Translator for children
Spanish-English Dictionary and Thesaurus
Pronunciations and Interactive Activities
Audible Interactive Activities
Links to several Spanish websites for kids
The Two-Way Immersion Toolkit


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phones: Bijou Community School: 530.543.2337, STMS: 530.541.6404; STHS: 530.541.4111


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