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History of TWI

Two-way immersion education has been in existence in the United States for 50 years, but its growth in popularity is a more recent phenomenon. The number of schools participating in TWI programs has been on the rise for the past 20 years with over 300 schools nationwide and 200 in California. The majority of these programs are Spanish/English programs in public elementary schools. Moreover, this immersion program is modeled off of the Canadian French-English Immersion Model which has an even longer history.

Though there are quite a few elementary programs in the United States, Lake Tahoe Unified School District is one of the few districts that supports this amazing program through 12th grade! Our children move through bi-literacy from kindergarten through 12th grade!


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email: cmartinez@ltusd.org

phones: Bijou Community School: 530.543.2337, STMS: 530.541.6404; STHS: 530.541.4111


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