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Bijou's Two Way Immersion Program

The Bijou TWI program is reaching its peak number of students with three cohorts of 22 students being invited to join every kindergarten year. We have over 350 students who are being given the opportunity to become bilingual, bi-literate and bicultural as well as maintaining high academic standards.(More Benefits of Two Way Immersion) It is wonderful how more and more children are being included in this wonderful program . Our program follows the 90/10 model and the results we are seeing are tremendous!

For more info on Bijou Community School, please visit bijou.ltusd.org

If you would like more information about our program, please

  • call Bijou Community School at 530-543-2337,
  • come visit our classes,
  • contact Principal Martinez at cmartinez@ltusd.org.

If you are interested in a future kindergarten classes, please click HERE for a commitment form for the lottery. Forms are due on mid March the year before your child enters kindergarten.


Contact Us

email: cmartinez@ltusd.org

phones: Bijou Community School: 530.543.2337, STMS: 530.541.6404; STHS: 530.541.4111


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