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Main webpages on TWI:
California Department of Education (overview of TWI)
Center for Applied Linguistics
Center for Research on Education, Diversity and Excellence
Article on the development of TWI

Dual Language Program Advocates

Other Interesting Sites:
Two-way immersion tool kit (for parents, teachers, administrators)
Comparison of TWI with other immersion models
Teacher Training and curriculum

Dual Language Program Advocate Blog

Good articles / sites (mainly found through searches on the sites listed above):
Meeting the challenges of No Child Left Behind In U.S. Immersion Education
Impact of Two-Way Immersion on Students' Attitudes Toward School and College
TWI Teachers Talk about their Professional Expreriences:
TWI - Features and Statistices (but from 2001)
Student Roles in TWI: Superordinate or Subordinate?
Equalizing the Status of Both Languages in a Dual Immersion School

The basics of TWI:
http://www.cal.org/twi/toolkit/PI/Basics_Eng.pdf (Same article in Spanish)

http://www.cde.ca.gov/sp/el/ip/faq.asp (in English and Spanish)

More in-depth info for parents:
http://www.cal.org/twi/toolkit/PI/P_QA/parent_a1.htm (Same in Spanish)

These questions are more for the teachers / "how it's really done":

Website on TWI in Other Schools throughout the United States:
TWI program in San Francisco
Windsor, CA Charter School website:
Robbinsdale, MN Spanish Immersion school's website:
Chicago School's website:
SFUSD Board of Education Decision, December 2006 article:


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