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Annual Bijou Kindergarten Lottery Information

Bijou Kindergarten Information:

There will be THREE Two Way Immersion Kindergarten classes offered due to the high demand of this program. Each class will have a max of 22 students, 11 from English speaking families, and 11 from Spanish speaking families.

If you are interested in the Kindergarten lottery, commitment forms are available HERE or at Bijou Community School. Commitment Forms will be accepted until mid March ( the year before your child starts kindergarten) at Bijou School.

There is a MANDATORY informational Two Way Immersion Presentation/Meeting in March from 6-7pm at Bijou Community School (cafeteria). At least one parent MUST attend this meeting for your child to be in the lottery. There is no babysitting at this meeting, so if your child(ren) must come with you, please be sure to plan on watching them yourselves. If you are parent of a sibling who is already in the TWI program, you do NOT have to attend this meeting, though your participation is encouraged.

The actual LOTTERY drawing will be held the morning after the Mandatory meeting at 7:30am at Bijou Community School. Lists will be posted by 9 am and all of you will receive an email with the results of the drawing. If you are interested in being at the actual drawing, please let us know. You do not have to attend the drawing, only the meeting the night before.

As per LTUSD policy, all siblings of existing Two Way Immersion students will have 1st priority in the lottery, and LTUSD full time employees have 2nd priority. Also, students who were granted a spot in last year's class, but then put into the transitional kinder program, will also be given a spot. After these students have been given a spot, the remaining available spots will be filled through a lottery.

If you have friends who are planning on signing their children up for the TWI lottery, please remind them that commitment forms will only be accepted until mid March. Thereafter, commitment forms can be submitted, but those children will be put on the wait list for the kindergarten year, and will only be given a spot if an enrolled student drops.




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